How to Hide Porn On Your Computer


Let’s face it – viewing online pornography is one of the most commonly held secrets in today’s technological society. And anyone who is interested in maintaining their digital privacy needs to act accordingly.

Unless adequate precautions are taken to control the flow of data, the average person’s computer can become a minefield of sensitive information just waiting to be stumbled upon causing harm to them and their relationships.

Luckily, we are here to show you how to hide porn on your computer and prevent anyone from discovering the things you’d like to keep private.

This site is intended to provide a complete guide to hiding sensitive information on your computer, and although going through all this advice might seem to be a bit overwhelming at first, most of these suggested actions only need to be taken once in order to provide continued protection. And trust us – you’ll be relieved never having to worry about this stuff again.


How to Find Porn Discretely

Private Browsing

Only Use One Porn Site

Beware of Leaving a Paper Trail

Option 1 - Use a "Tube" Site

Option 2 - Pay with Gift Cards


Clearing Online History

Clear Internet Search History

Delete / Disable Download History

Delete Browser's Download History

Disable Browser's Download History

Delete / Re-direct Downloads

Delete Website Data with CCleaner

  1. Cookies (see below)
  2. Temporary Internet Files
  3. History
  4. Recently Typed URLs
  5. Temporary Files (listed under the "System" heading)

Delete / Disable Cookies

Modify "Most Visited" Site Thumbnails

Delete Bookmarks

Delete Unwanted Emails


Deleting Windows History

Empty the Recycle Bin

Disable Recent Documents / Items

Adjust Media Player Options


Hiding Saved Files

Suspiciously Large Folders

Encrypting Files

Creating Zip Files

Using Invisible Folders

Hide Data Inside of Pictures



Windows Password

Saved Online Passwords

Password-Protected Files

Password Guidelines

Use Several

Hide Passwords

Use Lots of Characters

Be Original

Use Acronyms

Combine Characters

Merge Methods